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How to Raise an Ideal Dog

Santa Fe Springs...... La Mirada Animal Hospital, located at 13914 East Rosecrans Avenue, Santa Fe Springs, CA  90670, will host a free seminar on how dogs think and learn. This seminar is particularly helpful for new puppy owners, but every dog owner will find a fascinating new perspective on the canine mind.  Because this information is intended for people, you are requested to leave dogs at home.

Attend to learn how to fully enjoy a new relationship with your dog. The presentation will address the most common behavior complaints that result in dogs being surrendered to shelters, such as house soiling, puppy biting, and destructive chewing.  A questions and answer period will follow the seminar.

Participants will learn how to increase any dog's love for the family and manners around the home.  Training methods presented are gentle and easy for the whole family to learn and follow and are veterinary approved.  Space is limited so call 562-921-3539 for a reservation.

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Space is limited. Please call if you plan to attend or for more information.

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