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- Becoming Pet Centered Professionals -

Pet Parent Relations Team

 Kennel Team

1. Ask everyone to bring in a hungry pet.

1. Demonstrate "Sit" for greeting, and how to fit "Head collars" to stop dogs pulling on leash.

2. Ask families to bring cookies, and fecals.

2. Give pets cookies for good behavior.

3. Give cookies to make positive impression.

3. Use cookies as distractions for injections.

4. Suspend any puppy for 5 seconds.

4. Follow "Barking Protocol" to calm dogs.

5. If dog jumps on you, turn, ask for a SIT 

5. Offer behavior services to pet parents

6  Give a treat for sitting on the scale

6.Collect,  Contact Information Collection Form and enroll clients in one year Pet Behavior Education Course.

7. Write pet’s name BIG on kennel card

7.  Look at kennel cards and talk to pets using their names.

8.  Offer suggestions to calm and stop dogs barking in the lobby.

8.  Offer tours and information about this “Pet-Centered Place” 

9. Offer behavior services request forrms

9.   If dog jumps on you, turn, then ask for a SIT. Give a cookie for every SIT.

DVM and Tech Team

Behavior Services for Clients

1.      Give a cookie to say, “Hi.”

1.     Free Community Dog Behavior Seminar

2.      Consider only temping when indicated. Use an ear device if necessary.

2.     Puppy Parties

3.      Try to get fecal brought instead of collect here

3.     Puppy Daycare

4.      Use sedation for any painful procedure

4.     Puppy Socialization Classes

5.      Offer behavior services

5.      Canine Stress-free Boarding

6.      Do medical work up

6.      Feline Stress-free Boarding (Comfy Cats)

7.   Demonstrate “Gentling” Exercises
Range of motion
      Positive restraint

7.      Pet Behavior Analysis

8.      Behavior Medicine Workup

3.      Doggie™ DayCare
4.       Day School

8.   Distraction Techniques
      Slip and slide
      Spin the puppy
      Hug squeeze
      Slide skin over needle
      Pat and poke
      Mouth noises

Team Education

Team Education Checklists
Pet-Centered Professional ECourse  Ahead

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