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- Adding Behavior Services -

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Pet Perception Management™ Manual by Dr. Rolan Tripp for Puppy and Kitten Client Hand Outs - No Charge

Dog Behavior Community Seminar - No Charge

Enrolling clients in one year Pet Behavior ECourse (www.AnimalBehavior.Net)  - ELessons come weekly with your location name and phone in the banner - Puppy, Kitten, Dog, Cat - No Charge

Puppy Parties: (Lunchtime, before or after hours in Lobby; 45 - 60 minutes) ages 9 to 16 weeks - No Charge

Kitten Parties:  (Lunchtime, before or after hours in Lobby; 45 - 60 minutes) - ages 7 to 12 weeks - No Charge

Puppy DayCare:  One Day Free, 2 -3 puppies in a large run, some kennel time, some off leash play "recess" time, treat lure/reward training, reinforcement of PupK vocabulary, Gentle Leader fitting and adjustment training. $15+/day, $70/week, $240/month pass (Saves time - no cashiering.)

Kitten DayCare - hand feed, gentling, food lure training to approach (come) sit, environmental enrichment, food puzzles. $15+/day

Puppy DayCare + PupK Vocabulary Training (Get Busy, Come, Sit, Watch, Down, Off, Wait, Kennel, Heel.) Add $10+/day.

Puppy Off Leash Socialization Classes (9 to 16 weeks): First one free, $15 Drop In,  One Month Pass (4 classes - ) $48, Two Month Pass (8 classes) $80

Puppy Graduates Off and On Leash Training: Small class size - three to five pups (Four Week Course ($48) can re-enroll.

Puppy Graduate - Doggie Daycare - dog friends share run, off leash play time, treat/vocabulary reinforcement, Gentle Leader fitting, training on leash. $15/day (weekly, monthly passes).

Pet Behavior History Analysis and Behavior Modification  Estimates available. Varies depending on case charged to client by Dr. Rolan Tripp's Behavior Practice (800) 372-3706 (Pet Behavior History Analysis report and recommended Treatment Program sent to DVM) Clients learn why pets are aggressive, eliminate in the wrong places, have separation anxiety and other fears. Clients are offered a behavior modification treatment plan by Dr. Tripp that can be done at home with guidance by a Behavior Technician from Dr. Tripp's practice. Regular progress reports sent to DVM plus consulting on recommended behavior medicine.

Extended Exam for Brief Neurological and Behavioral Exam - forms available in the AnimalBehavior.Net Veterinary Library: $75 - 30 min visit done by DVM.

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