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Your Mission this week - should you choose to accept - is to improve pet welfare.
Sadly, too many pets are neglected, abused, surrendered to back yard jails, let loose on busy city streets, abandoned to shelters, even euthanized due to misunderstood pets and unwanted pet behaviors.
Do not ASK if the client or volunteer wants to be enrolled in an ECourse. Instead, ANNOUNCE that the Positive Pet Parenting ECourse is included ($36 value) as a "perk" for choosing your location. Share one tip you have learned from an ECourse or in the Animal Behavior Network Online Library that helped you with a family pet.
Tell pet parents that new behavior education and services are offered to help people and pets enjoy the best relationships possible !
Tell the people how much FUN they will have learning to communicate better with their pets. Remind them that pets are intellect beings who need both mental and physical enrichment. Pets get cabin fever, too!


Be proud to talk about how your location is taking steps to prevent both physical and emotional pain, as a kinder, gentler place for pets.

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to improve relationships between people and pets!


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