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Error-Free Kitten Raising™ Tips EBook

Error-Free Kitten Raising™ and Pet Parenting Tips™
A Human Guide for Managing Feline Behavior

Raising the cat of your dreams and a fabulous feline friend for life!

Instead of training your cat, think - helping your cat to learn from playing games and doing exercises. You will challenge the feline mind to figure out how to get what he wants - and you will be challenged to learn new ways to get what you want from your feline. In the process, you will find learning can be made easier with new insights into the feline mind. There’s no room for grouches or grinches in this approach. Your relationship with your feline is just too precious not to consider the learning process fun if not outright hilarious. Forming this new type of relationship with the family cat is appropriate for all ages. Get out the video camera now. America’s Funniest Videos, here you come!

Use throughout a kitten's first year. However, the methods can be used to teach and enjoy any age cat.

It is delivered as a PDF file.

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Veterinary Practices and Pet Professionals:
This 50 page guide is an 8 1/2 x 11" format for easy printing one or all pages as handouts.
Bite size learning tips
to share with pet parents.

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Error-Free Kitten Raising™ Tips EBook<br>

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