Table of Contents

Error-Free Kitten Raising Tips

Raising a happy, well-behaved, fabulous feline friend for life!
No Physical Punishment
First Impression
Early Experiences Endure
Early Socialization
Litterbox Introduction
Kitten Play Groups
Interactive Toys
Kennel Train
Collars, Harnesses, Leashes
Veterinary Visits
Kitten Proofing
Body Language
Finicky Eater
Nail Trims
Comfy Cat Beds
Play Behaviors
Why Kittens Don’t Come When Called
Calling All Kittens
Brain Not Brawn
Kid Friendly
Teaching to Sit
Say, “Please!”
Ping Pong Kitty
Learn to Earn
Teaching House Rules
Vertical Space
Nocturnal Activity
Litterbox Tips
Multiple Cats

Kitten Perception Management
Signs of Stress
How to Reduce Stress
Aloof Felines
Quality of Life
Feline Vocabulary
Feline Communications
Household Dogs
Household Cats
Food Puzzles
Pet Travel
Aggression to People
Kitten Aggression
Feline Spraying
Litterbox Issues
Invisible Cat
Extinction Burst
Behavior Medicine
Elimination Problems
Reasons for Feline Fears
Noise Phobias
Behavioral Treatment
Pet Selection
Older Pets
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