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Creating a Kinder, Gentler Veterinary Practice

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Creating a Kinder, Gentler Veterinary Experience

The Animal Behavior Network (ABN) Veterinary Practice participation improves relationships with clients by meeting their pets behavior needs. 

Below are a few examples of the "turn-key" behavior services for your practice and the powerful education tools available to staff, from Dr. Tripp's Pet Perception Management™ Manual - A Behavioral Program for Veterinary Practices and Pet Owners


  Initial Set-Up
    Practice Manager
Hospital Set Up
    Corrective Program
Preventive Program
Puppy Program Set-up
  Training and Quality Control
    Monthly Quality Control
Team Weekly Tasks and Training
Weekly Quality Control
  Consult Forms
    Canine Behavioral Assessment
Request for a Pet Behavior History Analysis
Sign Up for Behavior Information
Trainer Evaluation
    Attending DVM Agreement w ABN
Canine Aggression Destruction Release
Proprietary Materials Agreement
Veterinary Hospital Owner Agreement
Volunteering with Animals
Sample Documents
  Behavior Services
    Hiring a Contract Services Affiliate Local Dog Trainer
Sample Pricing Guide
Sample Program Price List
Script for calling puppy owners
Well equipped puppy
    Barking Notice to Client regarding sedation
Canine Basic Manners
Feline Aggression Screen
Legal Notice of a Dangerous Dog
Pet Geriatric History
Steps To Handling A Behavior Problem
  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
    Animal Behavior Network
Client Entry Wizard
Email Alias FAQ's
How to Use ABN Documents
What is ABN?
  Marketing Tools
    Behavior Seminar Poster
Corrective Behavior Options
Implementing A Behavior Program Into Your Practice
Lobby Poster
Member Hospital Menu of Services
Press Release Fax Network
Puppy Class Poster
Puppy Party Marketing Hand Out
Puppy Seminar Phone Reminder
Puppy Services Marketing Hand Out
Sample Behavior Services Intro Form
Sample Memo Inviting Staff to Puppy Seminar
Sample Puppy Party Flyer1
Sample Puppy Party Flyer2
    Anderson, R.K. -Puppy Vaccination Policies
Behavior Coordinator Job Description
Behavior Drugs and Dosages
Behavior Drugs Indications
Barking Protocol - Inpatient
Canine Suspension - Building Trust and Leadership
Filing System
Goals for Team Members
How to Handle Fearful And Aggressive Cats
How to Handle Fearful And Aggressive Dogs
Puppy Elevation
Puppy Party Topics to Discuss with Clients
Puppy Play Session Supervision
Puppy Suspension In-Clinic
Receptionist Protocol
Sample Puppy Computer Report
Script for Gathering Email Addresses
Selecting A Referral Animal Behaviorist
The Anti Bark Position
Training for DayCare Supervisors
Training for DaySchool Supervisors
Why Conduct a Puppy Party

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