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Professional Library Sample Titles

Pet Topic Titles

Pet Behavioral Drug Therapy - Q&A
Pet Behavior Diagnosis - Q&A
Pet Behavior Modification Techniques - Q&A
Behavior Medication Basics
Pet GI Side Effects While On Behavioral Medication

Pet Indications To Do A Workup


Dr. Tripp on  Animal Planet

Narrated Power Points

Canine Separation Anxiety - Dx and Txt - 1 hr
Feline Inpatient Anti-Stress
Introducing Behavior Services
Staff-Pet Bonding Protocols

Clinical Behavior Medicine Workup

Pet Psychoactive Rx + Repetitive Disorder

Non-narrated Power Points

Aggression Prevention and Gentling Techniques for Puppies
Behavior Basics and Sick Animals
Canine Aggression Diagnosis
Canine Aggression Treatment
Canine Day Care as a Vet Service
Canine In-Patient Barking Protocol
Canine Preventive Behavior Counseling
Canine Separation Anxiety and Clomicalm use
Clinical Behavior Medicine
Introducing Behavior Services for Clients
Pet Psychoactive Rx and Repetitive Disorder

Puppy Gentling - Live Demo
Puppy Selection, Elimination, and Puppy Biting
Puppy Training as a Vet Service
Staff Internal Behavior Protocols
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Start your clients and staff on fun, effective weekly, self paced learning about cat and dog behavior, pet behavior problem prevention and simple solutions. 

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