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Always ask your pet's trusted veterinarian, first, if they carry these products because they can demonstrate proper use.  If your veterinarian does not supply behavior products, click on images or links for easy, online shopping.


Scratchy Mat Doorknob Hanger  


Hey! It's instinct! Cats love to rub their paws over rough surfaces. It feels good and the daily nail grooming helps with the following: 1. Keeps claws healthy (and well-manicured!) 2. Helps stretch and tone muscles 3. It's a natural behavior - cat's scratch! Finally! A scratching solution for you and your cat! A great diversionary device to help protect your furniture and home from cat scratching mass destruction.

Save Your Furniture - Attract cats to scratch, meet kitty's natural instincts of grinding claw;

Reverable Usage and Long Lasting - Two sides made of high density carboard can be used, which means long lasting;

Kitty Loves - Cat like to rest on the wide board after scratching;

Included Catnip add more fun; Enviromentally Friendly and Recyclable - Made with recycled corrugated cardboard, the cat scratcher is recyclable even after your cat is done with it to minimize your carbon footprint;

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Catastrophic Creations cover things like where to start, which room to use, and a lot of different tips and tricks to make the most out of your walls.

Teach Contented Confinement and Litterbox Use

Cat Playpen features plenty of play space for litters of kittens or ferrets with two door openings for easy access. Product has easy-to-clean and sanitize plastic components, and easy-to-roll base with 1-1/2" swivel casters  Use enzymatic odor neutralizers to clean kennels and any pet soiling "accidents" in the home.

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