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Doggie Day School - ELesson 24

Your Mission this next year - should you choose to accept - is to consider offering Day School as part of Doggie Day Care. How does that work? 

In addition to Doggie Day Care, your team provides a few of 10 minute training sessions throughout the day. (This helps your team improve their training experience!) You charge a professional fee for this added training.) If no one on your team wants to take on Day School, look for an Affiliate Trainer to provide 30 minute sessions (hopefully more than one/day).

In Day School, dogs can learn to accept Gentle Leader head collars, not to pull on leash, to sit for greetings and on the scale and before going through doors, to do Push-ups (Sit-Down), Watch, Wait, Stay, etc.

At the Free Community Dog Behavior Seminar, it is helpful to have a "Demo Dog" so you can show the positive reinforcement methods used in Puppy Class and at Day School.

A dog that is home alone, bored, lonely, frustrated, and unsupervised is the basis of household destruction and excessive barking. Offer your pet parents a better alternative!

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