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Holiday Pet Safety

Keeping Pets Safe This Holiday Season

Holiday Plants

If your pet eats Poinsettia, he or she can get an upset tummy. The same goes for mistletoe and holly.  The berries and leaves are toxic.  Some amounts can cause depression,  So, be pet safe and prevent a four-legged case of holiday blues!


Keep your home pet-proof by preventing access to this holiday splurge.  Don't be fooled by thinking a little holiday wrapping and placement under a Christmas tree will prevent Fido from helping himself to an early holiday treat!  Chocolate contains the chemical theobromine which can lead to tremors, arrhythmia and seizures.  Just 4 to 5 ounces can be toxic to cats and dogs.  This is a holiday jitterbug you will want to avoid!

52% of pet owners said they planned to feed table scraps to their pets during the holiday season. 

Tinsel and Ribbon

When cats chew on these decorations, strands can ball up in the Gastrointestinal (GI) tract, requiring surgery.  Isn't this one holiday trip you would prefer to skip? If using tinsel, keep it high and make sure Felix doesn't learn to climb up and explore this danger zone.

CAUTION:  If you feed your pets table scraps, be prepared for pets stealing food from counters and tables.  This also leads to dogs begging for food from you on a regular basis.  Remember the Lays Potato Chip commercial, "Bet you can't eat just one?"  Your pet will not understand that getting table scraps was just a one time treat.

The Christmas Tree

If you add preservatives to the tree water and Fido drinks it, he or she can suffer from vomiting and diarrhea!  Not only is this bad for Fido, you don't need this additional holiday clean-up and stress!


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These tips were provided to Reader's Digest by veterinarian, Allan Paul of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine.

Tips from Reader's Digest, December 2005, page 206,

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