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Offering Doggie Daycare - ELesson 23

Your Mission this month - should you choose to accept - is to learn the basics of a successful doggie daycare program.

Offer a program or refer to a good one that allow comfy pet camps with supervised social play.

Puppy daycare for pups under 4 months of age works very well with a few puppies together in a dog run to play, with times alone in kennels and out to go potty. Doggie Daycare spaces can be created using fencing outdoors and baby gates indoors.

Puppies between 9 to 12 weeks of age usually mix well. Clients LOVE daycare because they pick up happy, tired puppies after long days at work. 

Your team can practice off-leash puppy training and supervising puppy parties with puppies in daycare. It is better for puppies to have

play needs met and not to develop bad habits when home alone.

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