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How to Access the Quality of a Daycare Program

When beginning to offer a Canine DayCare service, put yourself in the position of the potential client as you consider how your service stacks up compared to others for each of these attributes:

Hours of Operation

Staff training procedures


Escape prevention

Cleanliness and odor control

Current customer testimonials

Preventive health requirements

Handling of inappropriate behavior

Noise and barking control policy

Temperature and climate considerations

Emergency plan; fire, flood, earthquake, other

Dog Toilet protocol; how and where do dogs relieve themselves.

Access to water, and food; shared bowls?

Play space adequate for the number of dogs allowed.

Are off property walks included, and if so, who walks where, with what restraint.

Staff interaction with dogs; type, frequency; affection, grooming

Procedure for new dog introduction

Dogs wearing collars; when are leads dragged or head collars used

Documentation of day’s activities and experiences

Ease of check in/out

Daily routine established; e.g. play time, toy time, rest time, recess, lesson time

Toy policy: Owner brings, or provided. How are toys cleaned, and managed

What does this facility offer, that other DayCare services don’t offer?

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