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Boarding, Daycare, DaySchool - Policy and Release

What is Doggie Daycare?

Daycare is a wonderful service you provide to help people who cannot be home during the day. Daycare gives client a good feeling knowing the dog is enjoying a day with other dog friends when there is no one at home to take care of needs, to prevent unwanted behaviors or to provide companionship.

Daycare gives dogs is an opportunity for canine social time, and learning. 

What is Puppy Daycare?

Daycare puppies learn important lessons when it counts the most (prior to four months of age) on how to get along with new people, dogs and cats. Puppies are given positive exposure to exam tables and hospital equipment. Puppies enjoy having fun in a learning and social environment.

Similar to a children’s playground, there are occasional mishaps.  It is the owner’s is responsibility to treat any health condition, even if it is acquired during Daycare.

What is Deluxe Boarding?

Deluxe boarding is a similar service that can be offered as a Daycare for dogs who do not easily get along with other dogs. It can also be the upgrade to regular boarding. For an extra fee the dog receives one-on-one brushing, walking or other requested attention three times each day for about 15 minutes. Some people may choose to pay to double this time.

Health Requirements

Before participation in services, these health requirements must be satisfied:

Physical exam by a veterinarian within the last 12 months, indicating no contagious disease.

Current, and participating in the following vaccinations: 1) Rabies ( if over 4 months),  
2) Distemper;  3) Parvo combination;  4) Coronavirus; 5) Bordatella

Negative fecal exam, or participating in a monthly parasite control program

Some form of monthly flea control program

Female dogs in heat may not attend while male dogs show interest.

Dogs who mount or fight will not be allowed in play groups until a behaviorist approves

Heartworm prevention and neutering are recommended, but not required.

Destruction Of Property Is Not Permitted

If a dog is known to be destructive, and the hospital is notified, the dog will be kept in a special  kennel.  If the hospital is not notified in advance, and the dog destroys the kennel or other hospital materials, the client will be billed for the damages.

Excessive Barking Is Not Permitted

Excessive barking is not normal and indicates the need for some response.  Ignoring a barking dog is inhumane treatment.  Clients are invited to review our protocol on how we respond to barking.  We exercise great understanding and compassion for barking dogs.  Our team has studied canine barking, and approaches this topic with the pet’s best interest in mind.

In some cases, a dog will not respond to comforting alone.  Barking just to stir up the other dogs may necessitate mild medication or wearing a collar that causes a puff of citrus scent.  Proper treatment for temporary “Separation Anxiety” is mild anti-anxiety medication.  Mild sedation in other cases is the last option, after every other comforting technique has been attempted.  Having this option available is a major benefit of a veterinary supervised kennel.   In fact, it is only in a veterinary supervised kennel that offers your pet anxiety relief in a safe and controlled environment.  Our goal is relaxed and happy pets. 

The first time it is necessary to give mild sedation, it is done at no charge.  The alternatives for next visit are: 1) to request and purchase oral tranquilization, and authorize its use in future boarding.  This is significantly less expensive than the injectable form.  2) schedule a behavior consultation or 3) pay for injectable sedation as necessary in the future.

I have read and accept this day care and boarding policy. Learn about our Barking Protocol.
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