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Positive Dog Parenting
by Rolan Tripp, DVM and Susan Tripp, MS


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Elimination Training
Teaching Contented Kennel Confinement
Teaching Positive Chewing
Puppy Play Biting
Rewards and Corrections
Leadership Through Learn to Earn - SAMPLE
Leadership Exercises
Using Food as a Training Tool
Puppy Proofing the Home
Early Socialization
Socialization Check List
Socialization Classes
Teaching "Sit"
Teaching "Stay"
Teaching "Come"
Teaching "Easy"
Teaching "Let's Go"
Teaching "Off"
Pass the Puppy Party
Gentling Exercises
Advanced Gentling
Child Safety
Children Introduced to Dogs
Children Relating to Dogs
House Rules
Household Manners
Close Tether Training
Rawhide Chews
Leashes and Collars
Head Collars
Leash Walking
Preventing Separation Anxiety
Preventing Aggression Toward Family Members
Preventing Household Destruction
Preventing Jumping on People
Preventing Destructive Play
Preventing Food Bowl Aggression
Preventing Excessive Barking
Preventing Excessive Whining
Preventing Excessive Licking of People
Preventing Excessive Urine Marking
Preventing Aggressive Play

Traveling and Waiting in the Car
Jogging With Dogs
Waiting at Curbs
Spaying and Neutering
Food and Water
Nutrition and Behavior
Gentle Grooming
Nail Trimming
Nail Trim First Aide
Teeth Brushing

Improving the Relationships Between Pets and People

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