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Affiliate Local Trainers


Local Affiliate Dog Trainer Role
There is always a need for someone to go into the client’s home to help them with their individual behavioral concerns. Therefore the primary role of the Affiliate Trainer is to do the in-home visits, but they may serve several additional roles:

1) In-Home Visits
2) In-Home Consultations
3) Supervise Daycare Program
4) Provide "Day School” Program
5) Teach Puppy Classes, and mentor team members

How to Find an Affiliate Trainer

1) Poll the team for "word of mouth" satisfaction and reputation
2) Trainer Finder
3) Local Yellow Pages
4) Local AKC clubs
5) Pet Stores
6) Local Community College Psychology Classes

Interview the Trainer
Request each person complete the questionnaire provided by Animal Behavior Network. Those that do not complete the form do not pass the first cut. Do a short phone interview to assess phone etiquette and professionalism. Request 3 references, and call them. Ask references about the trainer's prompt arrivals, gentle methods, courtesy, professionalism and success rate.

Ask to view:

a) Personal health insurance to cover during professional visits
b) Accepting business from other sources
c) Has business cards and business checking account
d) Has personal liability insurance to cover any action related to this relationship

Assess professional dress. Indicate that on all visits where trainer is representing the practice they will be required to wear a collared shirt provided by the practice. Go over the completed questionnaire and ask questions.

Affiliate Trainer Requirements
Inform the trainer that your business has a relationship with Animal Behavior Network, and the trainer will be required to follow protocols determined by the Network. This will limit the methods to positive reinforcement, interruption, redirection, systematic desensitization, counter-conditioning, and other non-harsh methods.

Physical striking, fear tactics, or strong collar corrections are NOT acceptable.

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