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Affiliate Local Trainer
To be completed by trainers or behaviorists who wish to be an affiliate with your location.[1]

Behaviorist or Trainer Questionnaire

Date today:

Company Name if any:

Your Title: 

                                             ST:                     Zip:                         



Web site:    

1.         How many  years have you been paid for working in this field? 

2.         Approximately how many paid hours per week do you currently work? 

3.         Do you offer in-home visits?  If yes, how many per month do you average?

4.         What do you charge $/hr rate for in-home private training visits?      

5.         Do you  work with any Veterinary Hospitals?  If so, please list 1 acceptable to call as a reference, give the phone #, and indicate with whom to speak. 

         Who are the trainers or behaviorists who most influenced your training? 

7.         How would you describe your training philosophy?     

         Please list academic degrees or other certification achieved relative to training or pet behavior modification.      

9.         Please list any associations or clubs to which you currently belong.     

     Please list any obedience titles you completed with your own dogs.   

11.     List any books, articles or columns  you have published.
     Working with a veterinary behavior consultant, would you be willing to be involved in a case involving an aggressive dog or cat? 

13.     Within the field of training and behavior, please list any special interests or favorite type of cases?    

14.     Do you offer FELINE training, and if so, on what behavior issues?       

15.     List any languages other than English spoken sufficiently well to do a consult in that language?  

16.     Have you ever been cited for any felony conviction or for animal abuse?     

17.     Do you have a digital still or video camera that could be used at in-home visits? If so what is the output format? Jpeg, Hi-8, Dig-8 etc.  

18.     Do you have email, broadband web, and Microsoft WORD 2000 or higher?      


Please circle any of the services you now offer:
(Alphabetical order)

“Trick” training
Agility Training
AKC Certification (CGC or higher)
Attack Dog Training
Basic Canine Obedience Class
Board And Train
Canine Behavior Problem Consultation
Canine Daycare
Cat Boarding
Certification Of Other Dog Trainers
Clicker Training
Dog Show Obedience Competition
Feline Behavior Consultations
Gentle Leader Fitting and Intro
Human Assistance Dog Training
In-Home Obedience Private Training
Kitty Kindergarten
Paid Telephone Consultation
Protection Training
Puppy Socialization Classes
Search And Rescue
Systematic Desensitization
Vacation Doggie Camp
Other: _________________________
Other: _________________________
Other: _________________________

Please add below, on back, or on an additional page, any comments about your training philosophy, credentials or any other subject that has not been covered above.

[1]Print it out, and fax to ABN Fax # (800) 372-3706 or (preferred) email as an attachment BehaviorSupport@AnimalBehavior.Net


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