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- Adding Behavior Services -

Contract Trainer Agreement

This agreement is between the Company:


hereafter referred to as “Business”

represented by


and the trainer or company:


represented by

Print _______________________________ 

hereafter referred to as “ALT” = “Affiliate Local Trainer”

1)      This agreement applies to all those items initialed by both parties (if initial spaces exist in the left column) and to all portions of this agreement, where no initial spaces exist:

2)      This is not an exclusive agreement.  The location may hire more than one trainer, and the ALT is free to work for other entities. 

3)      The ALT agrees that if a pet parent is introduced to the ALT, ALL behavior services for that person will be funneled through the business. 

4)      ALT performs specific prescribed training for pet parents that supports the behavior modification plan supervised by the veterinary behavior consultant.


The business will provide a class curriculum, and the ALT will make an effort to follow that curriculum as closely as possible.  Materials to explain the concepts in the curriculum are available at www.AnimalBehavior.Net  and will be provided to the ALT as requested.

       __  __ ALT is to teach the classes held at the business location.

       __  __ ALT is to lead the Class 1, Community Seminar.

       __  __ ALT is to teach a team member of the business how to teach the class.

       __  __ ALT is to act as a substitute fill in with sufficient notice if available.


The ALT and business agree on specific hours in the week the ALT is available to be present at the location.  During these hours, the ALT is available to:

__  __ Evaluate existing day care dogs for potential additional behavior services

 __  __ Evaluate all additional dogs for potential additional behavior services

__  __ Assist in training  kennel team in DayCare protocols provided by the location.


 ALT delivers training in the client’s home setting.  The ALT agrees to:

__  __  Professional Dress:  Shirt with a collar (neck tie or female equivalent is requested but not required.)

__  __ Evaluate the PetEthogram™ provided by Animal Behavior Network PRIOR to the visit.

__  __ Carry out those items indicated, or if not done, deliver alternative therapy, and give reasons for the change.

__  __ Write a summary of the visit in the PetEthogram online after the visit.


 Trainer is eligible for employee discounts on  personal pets (living in household)

Trainer is provided a Pet Professional Membership in Animal Behavior Network.

This agreement is between the company             Date Today:                             


referred to as “Business”

represented by

Signed _______________________________ 

and the person or company:


represented by

Signed _______________________________ 

referred to as “ALT” = “Affiliate Local Trainer”

[1] Gross Training Fees = what the client is charged for that specific fee.

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