Affiliate Local Trainer Training Checklist
(Print this page and file it)

Name: _____________________       Date Begun: _______________                       Faxed:            

Training Task:
Date Completed:

Review each title, and read content if desired for every ABN Behavior Topic.


Study each of the following commonly suggested techniques and take test on each

  1. Teach the following basic commands


  1. Teach: WAIT command (Before exiting doors)*
  1. Teach: MOVE command (Using “baby steps”)
  1. Teach: HEEL command (Using food lure at knee)
  1. Teach: FETCH command - if passes aptitude test
  1. Teach: EASY command to encourage walking on loose leash
  1. Fit and Introduce Gentle Leader Head Collar
  1. Learn To Earn Program
  1. Close Tether Training
  1. Portable Kennel Training
  1. Demonstrate Gentling Techniques
  1. Troubleshoot Canine Elimination Training
  1. Troubleshoot Feline Elimination Training
  1. Teach owner Body Block (response to jumping dogs)
  1. Teach owner Bite Inhibition Training (Say OW!)
  1. Behavior Modification Techniques

Study each of the following programs by reading the web pages and related links.

  1. Community Behavior Seminar
  1. Puppy Socialization Classes
  1. Puppy Daycare Support – (training hospital kennel staff)
  1. IdealDog™ DayCare
  1. IdealDog™ DaySchool
  1. Canine Good Citizen Class
  1. Begin offering Canine Basic Obedience and Socialization Classes