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  Checklist 07 - Advanced Team Education

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     The Steps

Date Completed

  • Preview the Ideal Dog Programs that you can implement at your location to support your reputation as the, The Puppy Place!
  • Gentle Leader 2 This video presents insights on gentle methods for controlling leash pulling and other unruly dog behaviors
  • The Seminar is a great time to invite puppies to a Party or to enroll puppies in Off-Leash Lure-Reward Socialization Classes. Plan on having an "demo" dog who stays on a mat during the seminar, then demonstrates the good behavior and positive reinforcement (gentle) off leash training. Demo dogs are the best motivation for people to attend a Puppy Party or Classes
Congratulations! You have completed Checklist 07 - Team Education.  Review this checklist with your supervisor. You are now ready to proceed to Checklist 08 Team Education


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