Affiliate Local Trainer Setup Checklist
(Print this page and file it)
Name: _____________________Date Begun: _______________Faxed:††††††††††††

Complete; or go as far as possible on each item before proceeding

Date Completed

Read and sign the Proprietary Materials Agreement and fax to 1-800-372-3706


Complete and return the Behaviorist or Trainer Questionnaire and fax to 800-372-3806

Send copies of required documentation for status as Independent Contractor:  

Declaration Page (first page summary of the following)


††††††††††† Car Insurance with Collision, Personal Injury, and Liability


††††††††††† Health Insurance for coverage if injured on the job


††††††††††† Tax forms (will be provided for you)


Review the ABN glossary of terms


Review How to use ABN Documents


Review Menu of ABN Services

Review Client Entry Wizard FAQ  

In-Home or In-Hospital Trainer Services Menu


Visit the website and log in with your username and password

Use the Search for Ethogram feature to search for Pet name " James" / Email to review a sample Ethogram  
Complete a PetEthogramô on your own or a sample pet test sending the Ethogram to yourself.  

View a sample trainer webpage at www.AnimalBehavior.Net/BetterCompanion

Review ABN's trainer webpage FAQ's and begin compiling information and pictures for your webpage