Client Entry Wizard Help

Helpful Instructions and Information about using the Client Entry Wizard

Q: What does the Client Entry Wizard do?
A:  Makes enrolling staff and clients in one year behavior education ECourses fast and easy for your practice!

Q:  What if the wrong E-mail address is entered?
A:    If the E-mail address is entered incorrectly, then the enrollment is not complete.
If the email address is difficult to read, call the client FIRST to verify accuracy. Common E-mail entry mistakes are leaving out the @ or entering .com instead of .net and general spelling typographical errors.

What if a client reports that they are not receiving emails?
A:  Check your printed list (printed after each day's entries)

1. Collect client phone number
2. Collect the client email address
3. Compare to printed report from the Wizard.
4. Call ABN or
click here to enter the problem online. Be sure to report the exact problem with client's name, phone number, and email address.
5. ABN will work with your client directly on the issue until it is resolved.
6. ABN will then send an email to you that the problem is resolved

Q:  What does the Business charge for behavior ECourses?
A:  Dr. Rolan and Susan Tripp recommend businesses give away the one year behavior ECourse as clients do not believe they need this information so "selling it" is usually not successful. Retail value is $2.99 per month if purchased directly from the website. Veterinary practices and pet professionals purchase packages of 20/month for $49, up to 50/month for $99, up to 100 clients for $149/month.

Q:  How does the Business know if clients are enrolled?
A:  Every time, the CEW is used, it is important to select the PRINT OUT option BEFORE selecting the FINISH option and keep a Client Entry Wizard Folder.

Q:  How do I know which behavior ECourse to select?
A:  Choose by age of pet. Enroll first in the puppy or kitten program. If the adult pet has a behavior issue, choose the Pet Analysis option first (4 week Intro. to this service.)

Q: What if I’m not sure if a client is already enrolled?
A:  You may enter them again, no problem.

What if a client changes an E-mail address?
A:  It is easy for the client to update email and password directly with a link on each ELesson. Or, you may request this change at BehaviorSupport@Animalbehavior.Net

Q:  Will I know if the client is getting the emails?
A:  Only if you have printed a list. You may also call 1-800-372-3706 Ext 87 and we can tell you.

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