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Offering Behavior Assessments - ELesson 18

Your Mission this month - should you choose to accept - is to learn more about doing a behavioral assessment and brief neurological exam as a new service offered in the veterinary exam room.


 Dr. Rolan Tripp recommends clients return to the pet's veterinarian after the pet behavior history analysis for an extended pet exam along with any indicated lab work and prescriptions. After the pet behavior history analysis appointment with Dr. Tripp has been completed, the pet profile can be viewed by the attending veterinarian.


From, select Member Login button. Go to the Library and at the top, click on, Search for PetEthogram™. 

Veterinarians or the team may call with questions and to learn how to provide the Canine Behavioral Assessment Form and Neurological Exam for Behavioral Complaint in the exam room.  Add an extended exam or behavioral appointment fee to cover your time. Allow up to 20 minutes. (Can be done in less than 10 min. with practice.)


Pets with behavior problems often suffer neglect, abuse, surrender to shelters even euthanasia. Make sure pet parents visiting your location know that pet behavior help is now available. Working with your team, our team helps resolve pet behavior issues that interfere with your clients enjoying the indoor pet of their dreams and a best friend for life! 

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Behavior Assessment
Completing the Pet Behavioral Profile after the Pet Behavior History Analysis with a brief
Neuro exam and Behavioral Assessment. Attending veterinarians follow the provided forms in the exam room.

Review, Canine Behavioral Assessment Form

Review, Feline Behavioral Assessment Form

Read, Preparation for Beh Assessment
Review, Abbreviated Neurological Exam
Read, Neurological Exam Description
Review, Assessing Geriatric Pets Form
Review, Understanding Blood Work

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