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Looking Ahead

Help is at your fingertips by library, email and phone!

Team Education Tracking Sheets

Introduction to Checklists


To promote pet well being and good behavior, DO feed pets by hand and from food puzzles. Do NOT feed from
food bowls (if possible).

Becoming Pet-Centered Profesionals ECourse

Ordering Supplies

Hopefully, you have completed all previous missions. 


Let's take a minute to review: 

__Your team is ALL enrolled in a Pet Parenting ECourse that arrives in their home email.
__The Pet Parenting ECourses are now a promoted benefit of the visit to your location with an emphasis on getting EVERY puppy and kitten pet parent enrolled.
__You have a behavior education and services filing system at your facility.

___ The Member Login page is a Favorite or Bookmark on the computer(s), and you are using Short Cuts on your Desktop for the Client Entry Wizard and Pet Behavior Analysis Request forms.
__Your team has set behavior services goals.

__Your location is becoming the, "The Cookie Place" in your patients' eyes.

So far, so good?  If you need help completing any of the missions above, please call or email so we can help you catch up.

Your Missions this week, should you choose to accept:

1. If you have fallen behind in accomplishing your missions to date. We can stop and start your program emails at any time.
2. Contact us if you need to change your main contact person for ABN calls and emails.

3. Decide who will be responsible for ordering and stocking what supplies.
4. Order behavior support supplies or ask about donations.

ALL TEAM ORIENTATION:  FORWARD these emails (ELessons) to every DVM and Team Member at your location.  Review ELesson progress in staff meetings.



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