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Foot and Beak Toys 
Mentally stimulating your bird will not only help to alleviate boredom but also will provide an outlet for excess energy that may otherwise result in screaming and other inappropriate behaviors. 

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Always ask your
pet's trusted veterinarian
if they carry these products first so they can demonstrate proper use.  If not, use these links for easy, online shopping.

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Prevent Boredom by choosing a foraging or puzzle type toy to provide the environmental enrichment all pets need!

rightly colored bird toys entices your bird to climb, perch, chew, and play. Give your bird leg and beak exercise. Foraging bird toys engages your pet bird's natural instincts. Some have multiple skill levels - you can adjust the toy's degree of difficulty for your bird so the food or destructable items you place in them can be removed by the bird.  Most are durable bird toys made from shatter-resistant polymers to withstand the toughest of birds. Some are brainteaser bird toys to challenge your bird to solve the puzzle before retrieving a treat. Your bird will learn multiple skills and cherish the rewards. When you use treats or pellets in the toys it helps to satisfy your bird's daily need to search for food.

Bird's not only love to chew but need to chew. Chewing is an essential part of a birds good health! Look for items with a variety of textures, shapes and colors.  This provides stimulation through both feel and for visual excitement.  Also look for non-toxic and biodegradable items that will provides hours of entertainment and exercise.

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