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Daycare Guidelines

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Canine Daycare

Responding to Problems

Follow the Barking Protocol

Chewing on the Bars

Move to stainless steel kennel. Offer tasty food treats, and drop them in the kennel if refused. Try handling, exercise, chew toys (frozen Kong). If still very stressed, cover kennel with towel. OK to spray with water to get to stop, then praise and reward calm behavior. Last resort is tranquilizing. This behavior will gradually go away as anxiety or frustration is reduced.


Tearing up Newspaper

Give exercise in the form of a brisk walk, then a frozen Kong.Next try putting the dog with another dog, or in the play group. If it continues, ignore this behavior, but write a comment in the record.This may be an acceptable stress reliever (compared to alternatives). No fabric or towels in with this dog.Try to divert by providing and praising positive chewing on a chew toy Praise calm resting.


Fear biting

Recommend a Pet Behavior History Analysis. Keep the dog isolated.Do the Jolly Routine, and offer frequent tasty food treats.


Controlling Aggression Posturing (growling, threatening) 

Recommend a Pet Behavior History Analysis.Do not risk a bite.

During recess dogs run up and jump on you

In this case, do not reward or greet the dogs.Say, “Off” and turn your body to the side in a “Body Block.”  Insist the dog sit before you greet or give a treat. We want to reinforce in DayCare what the dog should learn to do at home.

The dog grabs the food treat from your hands

Hold the treat in your closed fist. If necessary it is OK to put your hand over the dog's muzzle as a reminder to settle down. Insist on a sit and let him lick at your fist.Only when he is acting gentle, then open your palm and offer it to the dog. If the dog continues to be unruly and grab, repeat the exercise of making the dog sit and lick until gentle.

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