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Animal Behavior Network Commonly Used Terms

ABC - Animal Behavior Coordinator

ABN - Animal Behavior Network, www.AnimalBehavior.Net

ADVM - Attending DVM who sees the pet, supervises all aspects of the behavior case and maintains the Veterinary-Client-Patient relationship.

VBC - Veterinary Behavior Consultant (special interest, non-boarded); DVM affiliated with ABN, selected and contracted by the ADVM to assist in behavior case management and customer service.

VBT - credentialed Veterinary Behavior Technician

PBHA - Pet Behavior History Analysis - is completed by a Veterinary Behavior Consultant (VBC) with a special interest in behavior. The client completes a PetEthogram™. The VBC reviews, analyzes, and provides a behavioral diagnosis, prognosis, and recommended treatment plan. See Corrective Behavior.

VBCS - Veterinary Behavior Case Supervision - is a monthly fee to the client to maintain the phone and email "Case Supervision" by the VBCand VBT.

DACVB - Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Behaviorists; Boarded Veterinary Behaviorist available for consultation with the ADVM or VBC

PetEthogram™ - Is a pet behavioral profile based on a comprehensive pet behavior history that is completed and maintained by the pet parent. Once completed, the PetEthogram is emailed to the veterinarian, and assigned VBT for review. The pet professional reviewing the PetEthogram makes notes in the PetEthogram for the pet parent to see.

VCPR-Veterinary Client Patient Relationship defined by the AVMA Model Practice Act, or the practice act in the state in which the ADVM operates.
Vet Tel -
Veterinary Telecommunications; the parent company of the Animal Behavior Network

ABN Glossary for Animal Behavior Network

ABN Glossary for Behavior Cases

ABN Glosssary for Behavior Modification

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