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The Puppy Place! - ELesson 14


Your Mission this month - should you choose to accept - is to offer early puppy daycare for pups 6 to 16 weeks of age. Consider using a large run for puppy group play. You can keep puppies in kennels with stuffed frozen kongs, take them out to eliminate, then reward outdoor elimination on cue with a treat and group play.


You will be doing your clients and puppies a huge favor by providing a safe learning environment option to puppies being home alone.

Your team, your puppies and your clients benefit when your team learns and

practices their puppy suspension and gentle handling skills along with teaching puppies in daycare a vocabulary by using gentle, proven food-lure and reward methods.


Show the client how to use food treats to lure the puppy into a sit position on the scale.


Recommend the puppy sit before EVERY privilege at home - meals, attention, going in or out doors, getting a toy.

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The Puppy Place!
Offer early Puppy Daycare (ages 9 - 14 weeks) to prevent "Home Alone Pups". Offer Post Behavior Materials
Complete, Checklist 05 Team Education
Read, Setting Up DayCare
Read, Puppy Socialization Goals and Guidelines
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