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by Rolan Tripp, DVM and Susan Tripp, MS

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Getting Started Day Four - Say Please...

Teach Puppy to "come" and "sit" before EVERY meal and before getting attention, toys, walks, etc.

1.  Use the first 5 kibbles to hand feed and train Puppy. Allow licking at one kibble as you move backwards – SLOWLY – saying in a happy voice, "Puppy, come!"

2.  Say, "Goooood Puppy" in a proud parent voice as Puppy follows back five steps.

3.  After stepping back, release the first  kibble for munching and repeat, "goood puppy." Make this training a FUN game for both you and Puppy. 

4.  On kibble 4 and 5,  before giving the kibble, stop, and move your hand up over Puppy's head as if you are petting – SLOWLY.  If you do this right, the nose will follow - going up as the bottom sits down. Say, "Sit, gooood" in a happy voice tone, giving the treat if Puppy sits.

Do this for the first 14 days in many different locations around the house and outdoors, on and off your property.

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