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Consulting Agreement

Pet Behavior History Analysis

The ABN Pet Behavior History Analysis is a consulting opinion that can be requested for any individual case.

It is the sole responsibility of the ADVM to perform all medical services and prescriptions. ABN does not offer medical services but will make suggestions to the ADVM.  

Note: The Veterinary Behavior Consultant sends a report to the ADVM who may edit, add, change, delete, or other wise change the behavioral suggestions.     


  • Client completes online PetEthogram™. 
  • A Veterinary Behavior Technician (VBT) calls the client to review and complete the PetEthogram™. 
  • The behavior history is analyzed by a Veterinary Behavior Consultant (VBC).
  • The VBC faxes a report to the attending veterinarian (ADVM) recommending medical and behavioral treatments.
  • The ADVM is encouraged to consult with the VBC and VBT on the case
  • The attending veterinarian decides on final recommendations to client.
  • he client may elect to purchase ongoing telephone and email support, which is charged directly to the client, and provided under supervision of the VCPR or the ADVM. 
  • The client is offered a treatment plan. Progress reports are sent to the ADVM.

We retain comprehensive computer-based behavioral records of the animal’s case. Updates are faxed or emailed to the ADVM. The ADVM can ask questions, give data, or request a consult by calling Behavior Consult Support at 800-372-3706.

Use the following LINK to request an analysis.  PRINT, COMPLETE, and FAX to ABN at 1-800-372-3706     Request for a Pet Behavior History Analysis.

To submit online begin a Consulting Relationship [ Enroll Now

Abbreviations Glossary

ABN  Animal Behavior Network  www.AnimalBehavior.Net    1-800-372-3706
ABNA  ABN Affiliate; a non-DVM selected and contracted by ABN to assist in behavior case management and customer service.  In most cases this is an RVT member of the Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians.  Also known as a Behavior Technician
ADVM  Attending DVM; the veterinarian who sees the pet, supervises all aspects of the case and maintains the Veterinary-Client-Patient relationship
VCPR   Veterinarian-Client-Patient-Relationship defined by the AVMA Model Practice Act, or the practice act in the state in which the ADVM operates
DACVB  Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Behaviorists; Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist available for consultation with the ADVM or VBC
VBC Veterinary Behavior Consultant (special interest, non-boarded); DVM selected and contracted by ABN, to assist in behavior case management and customer service
ALT Affiliate Local Trainer.  This is one or more dog trainers, affiliated with either the practice, or ABN and who provide on-site or in-home services for this animal patient.  The practice is encouraged to select this trainer, and may either send cases, or employ this person as an independent contractor

Any client who is dissatisfied is to be referred back to ABN for partial or full refund. ABN guarantees service satisfaction, but not case outcomes.

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