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- Puppy Party -

Sample Phone Reminder Script

 Print out a list from your computer of all puppies that have been in to the veterinary clinic in the last 6 months or some other way have a list of all pups between ages 8 and 16 weeks to invite or confirm.

Increase value by saying, "Space is limited."

Have your Sign up for Behavior Information Form  ready to collect the client’s email address to enroll them in an ECourse if not enrolled already. Confirm the client and pet information.

If you reach the owner

Hi, this is _________________  at the _________________.   I am calling to remind you that tonight (or tomorrow night), at _________________ , Puppy Name is invited to attend a Puppy Party for fun play and important early learning. 

Plan to skip Puppy Name's meal before the Party. No food for six hours is ideal. A hungry puppy will learn faster and have fewer "accidents" during the party.

Please give Puppy name an opportunity to exercise and eliminate outside just before coming to the party. If Puppy name shows any signs of illness, please skip this party and plan to attend the next one.  Hope to see you there.  If you cannot attend please let us know so we can give some other deserving puppy your space.

If you reach the answering machine

Hi, this is _________________  at the _________________.   I am calling to remind you that tonight (or tomorrow night), at _________________ , is our Puppy Party for Puppy Name.  Remember to bring Puppy Name hungry - no food for 6 hours before the Party. Please give _________________  an opportunity to exercise and eliminate outside just before coming to the party and keep Puppy name at home if you see any signs of illness.  Hope to see you there.  If you can not attend please let us know.

Helpful Tips

For people who can’t attend because of schedule conflicts:

This information is optional and designed to answer client questions


     Early, positive puppy socialization is one of the best experiences you can provide your puppy before 4 months of age. The puppy's critical learning period ends at about 16 weeks of age.

     According to experts on dog brain development [1] , puppies would ideally begin to meet new puppies and dogs beginning at about 3 weeks of age, then new people by 5 weeks of age.  The puppy's natural development gears them to accept new experiences during these early months of life. 

     When puppies aren't given the opportunity to learn how to "talk dog" to all breeds and personalities during early learning, as adult dogs they may lack the social skills that give them confidence and the ability to avoid conflicts with new dogs.

     Early puppy socialization play is for puppies who do not have adult canine teeth in place.

     Puppies attending socialization play must have at least one DVM physical exam, a negative fecal test, and one set of vaccines at least 1 week before class.  Don’t bring the pup if acting sick, coughing or diarrhea is present.

     We know that many puppies are surrendered to shelters at 6 months of age for bad behavior. Our goal is to provide pet behavior education and services that keep puppies in their homes long term.

[1] Karen Overall, Clinical Behavior Medicine for Small Animals; Mosby, 1977 pg 16

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