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Client Entry Wizard (CEW) Instructions

  1. Go to www.AnimalBehavior.Net (hopefully in your Favorites)

  2. Click on Member Login button at top or left

  3. Put in your Username and Password,

  4. Check Remember My Login (if not already done).

  5. Go to Library (if not there) using Library Icon on a Logged In page (not Home Page)

  6. Select (click on) the Client Entry Wizard button at top or on the left.

  7. Using your mouse, Right Click, and then Left Click on Create Shortcut

  8. Left Click on Yes - in the box, "Do you want to put a shortcut to this website on your desktop....)

  9. Go to your Desktop and find the Shortcut. Right Click on the Shortcut and select Rename. Rename shortcut ABN CEW.  If you want to select a new icon then, Right Click on the Shortcut, Left Click on Properties, Left Click on Change Icon. Then Left Click on Browse. Choose View Details or Thumbnails to select Icon.

  10. Begin enrolling your team (Use Next button until done, then PRINT All),

  11. Then SUBMIT

  12. Congratulations!  That's all there is to it!  We take it from here.

Collect Client Information for Daily Enrollment (or put directly in Computer at Check-In)


  • Collect client and team info. on paper, then enroll between client traffic or during end-of-day closing procedures.
  • Best Practice - Every staff member learns how to use the CEW. Reason?  Adds practice flexibility and engages the team - even if you decide this will be a one or two person role.
  • One veterinary member added a laptop with internet access to the exam room and has clients enroll themselves.

Set Goals:  1. Enroll team members, 2. Enroll all puppies and kittens, 3. Enroll any client who expresses a concern or interest in their pet's behavior.

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