Frozen Pup-Sicles
The goal is a treat for the Deluxe Boarders, and a strategy to keep the anxious barking boarder relaxed and occupied. 

This gives any boarding dog something to do to help the dog relax and be less stressed about being in a new place away from family and home. 

The strategy is to use various sized Kong ™ toys filled with frozen dog food plus a "fuse."
1.  Put a full can of soft dog food into a plastic bag.
2.  Add enough water to make it mush, and massage it through the bag to mush consistency.
3.  With scissors, cut one corner just large enough to squeeze out the mush into the Kong™.
4.  Fill 90% using the empty can to hold them upright.
5.  Lastly, place a short piece of round stick jerky or other treat in the end as the "fuse". This is the part that will initially attract the pet.
6.  Clean each Kong™ between use, as with any other food or water container.