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How to Make a Stuffed Kong Toy

Kongs for Feeding?

Feeding dogs with Kongs (instead of placing food in bowls) provides hours of enjoyment for dogs that are easily bored or suffer from separation anxiety. Stuffing a Kong with a combination of canned food and kibble then freezing it, provides mental stimulation and a long lasting chewing experience.

If using Kongs as special treats instead of for routine feeding, be sure to decrease the amount you feed during normal meals to prevent weight gain. Stuffing your Kong with other treats is acceptable as long as your dog does not have special dietary requirements or is unable to tolerate food changes.

For Kong stuffing recipes, visit the Kong official website: To buy a Kong online, click here

How to Stuff Kongs for Feeding

Step One:
Start with a few clean Kongs appropriately sized for the largest dog that could access them. Note: Small breeds need medium sized Kongs for stuffing.

Step Two:
Place a few kibbles of your dog's normal food in the bottom of the Kong, so that it plugs the small hole and prevents leaks. If your dog is eating prescription diet, make sure you used the correct prescription diet kibble.

Step Three:
Mix a can (or smaller amount for just one Kong) of your dog's food (use the correlating prescription food or diet). Use a tongue depressor or spoon to fill Kong. You can also add a littler water to make a smoother mixture that is not too watery.

Step Four:
If using the watery mixture, cut the bottom corner of the baggie and insert the open end into the large end of the Kong. Squeeze the baggie, like you would a pastry bag, to empty the contents in the Kong.

Step Five:
Fill the Kong up to the top with the canned mixture and then stick a piece of Puperoni or a dog biscuit in the end to act as the "fuse". If your dog is on prescription diet, stick a few protruding kibbles out the end. This "fuse" will give your dog a starting place  to chew and lick the Kong.

Step Six:  If using the watery mixture, wrap the Kong in plastic wrap and freeze with the "fuse" side up, to prevent spillage. Or place the Kongs snuggly in a pan that keeps them upright

Step Seven:
Your Kongs will be ready to go in 1-2 hours and will provide approximately 2-3 hours of feeding enjoyment. As your dog licks and chews the Kong, it will slowly melt.

Kong toys are available in various sizes and colors. Red Kongs are for average chewers while the black Kongs are extra durable for tenacious chewers. Blue Kongs,  show up on x-rays if swallowed and will tolerate hotter temperatures for sterilization purposes. All Kongs are top rack dishwasher safe.

Always observe the dog's chewing habit the first time a Kong is provided. A few dogs have been known to destroy Kongs and should not be given them.

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