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What is a Pet Behavior History Analysis[1]

The Analysis is available to support veterinarians nationwide, either through the Antech Doctor Consult Line or by calling directly. The Analysis provides the pet parent and veterinarian a Pet Behavior Profile that answers the questions below.  Learn more...
1)      What is the primary concern, all secondary concerns and the motivations for these behaviors?

2)      What other behavior issues are present that might affect the outcome?

3)      Is behavior medicine indicated for this case?

4)      Is an in-home visit indicated by a trainer, and if so, about how many?

5)      For dogs, is a group obedience class indicated?

6)      What behavior products, if any, are likely to be useful?

7)      What other veterinary behavior consulting, if any, is needed?  If so, at what estimated cost and time duration?

8)      Approximately how much time will the pet parent need to invest in the solution?

9)    What is the best-case and worst-case prognosis for improvement with treatment and a behavior modification program.?

What steps are involved in a Pet Behavior History Analysis?
1)     The Attending Veterinarian (ADVM) submits the information based on the Request for a Pet Behavior History Analysis (via phone, fax, or online form).

2)     An Animal Behavior Network representative contacts the client to explain the service.

3)     If client enrolls, a professional fee is collected for the Pet Behavior History Analysis. 

4)     The client schedules a phone appointment and completes online behavior history called the "PetEthogram™ from home or works with assistance from an assigned Veterinary Behavior Technician.

5)     When finished with the online history, the client uses the "ViewAll" feature to PRINT a copy of the history, if desired

7)     The client sends the finished online history to a Veterinary Behavior Technician to review in preparation for the Veterinary Behavior Consultant's Analysis. 

8)     Results are provided to the client by phone appointment and via a written report from a Veterinary Behavior Consultant (VBC), Dr. Rolan Tripp or Associate.

9)     After the completion of the Analysis, the Veterinary Behavior Consultant sends the report to the Attending Veterinarian who may consult with Veterinary Behavior Consultant (Dr. Tripp or ABN Associate) on the case.

10)     The Attending Veterinarian schedules a follow-up appointment with client for medical work-up and treatment plan. If indicated, the attending veterinarian completes a Brief Neurological Exam and Behavioral Assessment in the exam room.

We recommend pets be fasted for every veterinary exam (not fed the night before or the morning of the visit.) Water is okayPet parent to bring a Ziploc bag with 10 - 12 small pieces of a VERY tasty food. Give one small piece immediately after entering the hospital lobby. If refused, see if the pet will accept it when in the parking lot.  If participating in a treatment plan report treat acceptance or rejection to Dr. Tripp.

[1] Note: There is an additional cost if Email and Internet Access are not available. 
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