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Getting Started - The More is not Always The Merrier!

Cats will compete for resources. What are resources? Resources are anything the cat wants or needs such as food, water, scratching posts, beds, litter boxes and human attention. Therefore, the rule of thumb is to increase resources to lower cat aggression in multiple cat households.

Cats fight among themselves for a variety of other reasons such as territory or when a female is in heat. Just like people, cats can also have personality conflicts. If two cats simply don't get along, they may need to be  separated permanently. However, many households can restore feline harmony with a veterinary behavior consultation and behavior modification plan. 

If your cats are not getting along, seek professional help before making final decisions. Consider a Pet Behavior History Analysis with Dr. Tripp to learn how reduce tension and raise affinity in your multiple feline household.

 Late Socialization: 9 to 16 weeks old

  • Continues to learn social skills.
  • Social play peaks.
  • Social conflict over status may emerge.

[1] AAFP. (2004). Feline Behavior Guidelines.

Unwanted pet behavior is a leading cause of pet neglect, abuse, abandonment to back yard jails, surrender to shelters, and euthanasia 

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