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Pets Up On Forbidden Areas

How to respond to pets getting up on forbidden furniture or counters  

  • NEVER allow this activity, and coordinate with all housemates to agree on rules.
  • Don't feed (cats) up on the counter you want off limits.
  • Provide a pet bed that is as comfortable as the furniture.
  • When caught in the act of jumping interrupt them.
  • Use a water mister on "Spray", or a shake can, rape horn, or other deterrent.
  • Try to hide that it came from you. Don't let the pet know the correction came from you (Verbal SILENCE!)
  • Do not use loud noise when it may startle another pet in the household.
  • Teach "OFF" so that you can politely request they jump down.
  • If they jump up on your lap.  Stand up, sliding them to the ground.  Count to 5 and then ask them to "SIT" and praise that.
  • When you are not there, booby trap furniture or counter with upside down carpet runner, two sided tape.
Booby trap counters with a string between two shake cans on each end of the forbidden area (in the jump path), OR one sided tape or cookie pans with water right on the edge.

Begin praising pets anytime they are near a problem area before they think about  jumping up on it. .

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