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Meet Susan Tripp, MS/P
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Pet Behavior Columnist

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Dr. Rolan Tripp


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Meet Dr. Rolan Tripp's Support Team Leaders

Tara Lang, BS, RVT

Veterinary Behavior Technician
Technical Director
Client Support Technical Service
VBT & Communications Provider

Veterinary Technician Cover, April 2007

1-800-372-3706 Ext 88

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2006 Travis Duncan
Tara & Karle

Kristen White, BS, CVT

 Veterinary Behavior Technician
Services Director
Veterinary Practice & Client Support
VBT Team Training

Veterinary Technician Cover, April 2008

1-800-372-3706 Ext 87

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Kristin & Holly

Krista Dreckmann

Communications Director
Veterinary Practice & Client Support

For Appointments
 1-800-372-3706 Ext 89

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Melissa Whitmire
Veterinary Behavior Technician
Veterinary Behavior Case Supervision (VBCS)
Client Support

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Gayle Dimenna, BS, RVT
Veterinary Behavior Technician
Client Support

Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
Comfort Zone Award

for "Veterinary Technician of the Year"
in October of 2008.

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