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Meet a Veterinary Behavior Technician (VBT)

Kristen White, BS, CVT

Veterinary Services Director, (VBT) Team Leader

Kristen and a couple of her
well-behaved household members

Kristen has been working in the veterinary field for over 20 years!  She has a bachelors degree in Veterinary technology from St. Petersburg College and currently spends a portion of her time working as a veterinary behavior technician for Animal Behavior Network. She also works as the practice manager at the Animal and Bird Hospital of Clearwater in Florida and teaches associate level behavior courses at St. Petersburg College.

Kristen has been at the Animal and Bird Hospital for over 20 years where her love of behavior is evident from the clients who she assists with behavior problems to the ones who take her puppy and obedience classes.

In her spare time Kristen lectures. She has lectured at secondary schools about canine behavior and clicker training and the Suncoast Avian Society about captive bird behavior and clicker training. In 2006, she lectured and offered a wet-lab at the Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians/Jefferson College continuing education meeting on puppy classes. Kristen is a past President for the Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians. In addition, Kristen serves as a veterinary technician advocate for Bayer Animal Health which includes giving lectures to other technicians and office staff.

Veterinary Technician
March 2008
(Vol 29, No 3)

In 2004, Kristen attended the 3 day Small Animal Behavior course at University of Georgia. Then in 2005, she attended both the 5 day spring DOGS! Course and the 3 Day Fall Dogs and Cats course at Purdue University. She continues to expand her behavior knowledge through annual CE courses and self study.

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