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Instructions for beginning a PetEthogram

 Review ALL the instructions below before proceeding
to begin your pet's

Before you start

1.  Schedule about one hour of uninterrupted time to complete the pet behavior history. (You CAN complete a portion, logout using the "Finished" link, and come back later to complete if necessary.)

2.  Please ask your veterinary office to fax to your Veterinary Behavior Consultant any veterinary lab work done for your pet within the last the last 6 months. Fax to 800-372-3706.

3.  The PetEthogram™ will ask about your pet's medications, so gather and place them nearby for reference.

Member Login

New Member Login Instructions:  Go to www.AnimalBehavior.Net and click on the "Member Login" button (in the menu at the upper left corner of the page)

Use the Username and Password  sent to you in your confirmation email. 

Forgot your username or password?  Click Here

Pet Behavior History Analysis Instructions After Member Login, look for the orange button at the top that says, My PetEthogram like the one below and click on it.  (Or Login, return to this page and click the button below.)

You may want to print and keep this page handy. 

Completing the PetEthogram

1.  Complete each module (1-8) as thoroughly as possible. 

2.  Please choose only ONE "Primary Concern".  Other items will be covered in the "Concern Inventory".

3.  Skip module 9 called, "Suggestions." (Return here after the Veterinary Behavior Consultant completes it.)

4.  After completing modules 1- 8 select,  "Finished". 

5.  In this "Finished" 10th module , click the link selection that says: View, Print or E-mail This Entire PetEthogram. 

Now you may look at all the information you have completed.  (You can edit a page by closing the "View All" window.  Then select any module you would like to return to and edit.)

6.  When you are satisfied with the information you have completed, return to the "Finished" 10th module for the View, Print or E-mail This Entire PetEthogram options.

6.  Please find, "Send Email" in the upper left corner of the "View All" and email to veterinary professional that requested you complete the PetEthogram.  (You can email to, PRINT and email a copy to yourself, so that you have a record of what was completed). 

If you have any questions, at any time, please Contact Us