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Promoting New Behavior Services - Scripts

"Hello Client Name. I am calling to let you know we now offer early puppy socialization and education to help prevent common adult dog behavior problems. We are encouraging all puppy parents to bring their puppies in for NEW fun, important learning experiences. Puppies younger than 4 months of age need early, positive play with other puppies to learn canine social skills. Without this early learning, it will be more difficult for them to meet new dogs throughout their adult dog lives without fear or aggression.

There is no charge to come for the puppy party. Puppies are only eligible between 10 and 16 weeks of age. The earlier the experience, the better and easier learning for your puppy.

Puppy Parties!

Can I reserve your puppy's place at our next puppy party on (day)                                        at (time):_______? The whole family is invited to attend. These parties are important learning for the puppy and very fun for people.

Puppy Socialization Class Parties!

NOTE:  Enroll puppies from the free puppy parties or from the How to Raise an IdealDog Seminar. Always use a demo dog to show clients what is possible (off leash obedient, confident, friendly, relaxed, well-socialized adult dog).

Every puppy socialization class starts with a puppy party. This is where healthy puppies [1] are allowed supervised off-leash play with one another. The puppies learn how to be friendly with people and other dogs.

After the party, you are invited to stay and observe the puppy class. Puppy owners learn how teach puppies to come, sit, lay down, heel, and many other manners to help prevent major behavior problems like house soiling, aggression, and destruction. 

Puppy DayCare

We offer daycare for puppies ages                    and friendly, well-socialized adult dogs.

You can drop the puppy off as early as                                         and pick up before closing.  During the day, puppies learn to rest contentedly in a kennel, learn positive chewing habits, elimination cues, and have recess to run and play with new dog friends in our day care area. Dogs in daycare do not soil or destroy the house during the day, and are usually so tired from play, relaxed and delightful.

How to Raise an Ideal Dog!

Every puppy has a few bad habits, and it varies for each individual. Therefore, at puppy classes at our free monthly seminar, we discuss how to prevent or respond to common puppy issues such as puppy biting. An ounce of prevention is worth a TON of cure! 

Our checklist of topics includes housetraining, destruction, excessive vocalization, preventing aggression and proper manners at home, on leash, in the car and greeting visitors.  We can help avoid raising an unruly dog!

Free Community Behavior Seminar

This “people-only” seminar is given here every 4 to 6 weeks. The seminar is called, “How to Raise An Ideal Dog™.” 

Pet Behavior History Analysis

You location offers Pet Behavior History Analysis for pet parents that want to understand why pets are acting unruly and how to use gentle, proven methods to resolve any unwanted behaviors or concerns. The history is analyzed by Veterinary Behavior Consultant who calls you to review your pet's profile. A report is provided to you, your pet's veterinarian and any trainer that is involved.

[1] Health requirements: DVM Physical exam; 1 set of vaccination; and on monthly flea and parasite program.

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