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DaySchool Expanded Socialization Checklist  

Dog’s Name: __________________   Owner: ____________________



List item and rating, e.g. 11A, 15B, etc



A)     Does very well with this. Excellent response!

B)     Moderate response. Needs some additional work.

C)     Attempted with little or no success. Needs work.

D)     No success, and attempts produced stress. Needs systematic desensitization.

F) Cannot make any progress. Need to schedule consult to discuss a new strategy.

IdealDog™ DaySchool™ Checklist (Cross out number when no longer needs work)

Training and Temperament

  1. Accepts a dog cookie

  2. Walks easily on leash; no pulling or dragging

  3. Greets friendly people without fear

  4. Easily accepts brushing and combing

  5. COME

  6. SIT

  7. DOWN

  8. STAY

Social with other dogs

  1. Accepts “pass the puppy” (or small dog) to new person

  2. Jumps on people as greeting or for attention

  3. Rests quietly in kennel w/ appropriate chewing

  4. Can be close tethered without vocalizing

  5. Can play gently with other dogs; not unruly

  6. Can play friendly with other dogs; not aggressive

  7. Can relax with friendly dogs

  8. Introduced to confident cat

  9. Body massage on exam table 1

  10. Body massage on exam table 2

  11. Body massage on exam table 3

  12. Body massage on x-ray table

Ability to handle stress:

  1. Kenneled grooming salon to handle sound

  2. Accepts tethering alone 3 minutes

  3. Teeth brushing

  4. Nail trim

  5. Ear exam and cleaning

  6. Restraint on table(s) for 30 sec+

  7. Will chew on approved chew when alone

  8. Gentle Leader accepte

  9. (Pup or small dog) can be suspended without struggling

Child proofing:

  1. Hand over head

  2. Looming

  3. Hold paw

  4. Collar grab

  5. Ear grab

  6. Tail grab

  7. Shove

Non-fearful to:

  1. Paper bag rustle

  2. Noisy ball/toys

  3. Umbrella movement

  4. Crutches

  5. Hair dryer

  6. Bathtub

  7. Grooming dryers

  8. Clipper sound or feel

Socialization for the puppy/dog owner to complete away from the practice:

  1. Wheelchair

  2. Vacuum Cleaner

  3. Baby Stroller

  4. Pet friendly store

  5. Dog show

  6. Crowd (e.g. Mall)

  7. Mail person

  8. Roller blader

  9. Person wearing a hat

  10. Delivery person

  11. (20) Friendly persons

  12. Use “Sit for a new friend cookies”

Health issue noted:

  1. Eye discharge

  2. Ear problem

  3. Dental concern

  4. Fleas

  5. Skin condition

  6. Lump or bump

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