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- Becoming a Pet-Centered Professional -

  Suggested New Behavior File Structure

  • Checklists allow team members to work ahead of the monthly       "Becoming a Pet Centered Practice" ECourse

Check Off
when Done
  • Print a Master Copy each Team Orientation and Education Checklist. A yellow highlighter is used to write, MASTER COPY on the back.

  • Place Master Copy (for photocopy use) in a folder named Team Education MASTERS.

  • Make a file folder for each Team Member with his/her name on it to keep Team Orientation and Education Checklists that are in progress and completed.  Create one folder for each Team Member name.

  • Team members will use this folder to keep the Checklists they are working on and have completed. ABC may want to "Sign Off" the Checklist as "Complete" after quizzing the Team Member on the checklist content and/or asking for a brief "report" or "demonstration" of each item.
  • Determine which Behavior Services will be offered at your location to start, and what you may want to add in the future.

--Begin to consider if you will track behavior services using codes in the computer. Confirm that the recommended codes have been entered into the computer or use your own system.

-- Begin to consider what behavior products you will sell and how they will be ordered.

    Beh Behavior Assessment
 Beh Brief Neuro Exam

    Beh IdealDog Classes

    Beh Behavior Consultation Recheck

    Beh Puppy Socialization Class

    Beh Daycare 1 day

    Beh Daycare 5 day pass

    Beh Daycare 30 day pass

    Beh Day School

    Beh Blood Panel incl. CBC

    Beh T4 serum test

    Beh UA

    Beh Fecal

    Beh Lab Tests (Other)

    Beh Comfy Cat Boarding

    Beh Comfy Dog Boarding

    Beh Behavior Products

    Beh Medication (stress reduction - tranquilization, sedation, other)

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