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- Behavior Medicine -

 Adding Behavior Medicine Services

The following medical recommendations are being made by this facility prior to continuing with behavior modification or behavior drug therapy. 

More information is available from Dr. Rolan Tripp and the  Animal Behavior Network (ABN) at www.AnimalBehavior.Net and


None indicated at this time

Other (write in)                                                                                           



q Allergic Workup q Neurological evaluation
q Anal gland evaluation q Organ Profile
q Behavior Lab: CBC, UA, Ser+T4, Fecal q Physical Exam
q Cardiac evaluation q PU/PD Workup
q CBC q Respiratory evaluation
q Dental evaluation q Seizure evaluation
q Endocrine evaluation q Skin evaluation
q Eye evaluation q Surgical neutering
q Fecal q T4
q FeLV,FIV tests q UA
q fT4ED q Understanding Bloodwork
q GI evaluation q Urinary evaluation
q Liver evaluation q UltraSound
q Mini-Profile q X-Ray
q Muscoskeletal evaluation    
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