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 Increasing Resources - More is Better! 


You have probably heard curiosity killed the cat. Well, we don't want curiosity or lack of it to shorten your cat's life or decrease quality of life. But there is a reason cats have this expression about them. They are curious and do like to explore


Why increase resources?


Feline resources decrease boredom and enrich your cat's indoor life by tickling curiosity and satisfying your cat's natural feline drives to explore, chase, jump, pounce, hunt, climb and stake out territory within the confines of a human home.


What are cat resources?


Feline resources are anything that your cat enjoys or values such as food, water, litter boxes, cat toys, cat beds, scratching posts, climbing trees, high places, hiding places, window views, catnip experiences, companionship, affection, outdoor adventure, you!


Make sure you have one more litter box than number of cats and you clean all litter boxes twice daily. Cats prefer a flushed toilet.


What to do?

  • Food Puzzles:  Feed your cat in food puzzles instead of in bowls. Hide food around the home in places you want your cat to visit and choose to hang out.

  • Play Sessions:  Select a variety of cat toys to engage your cat in daily play sessions to act our normal feline behaviors of stalking, pouncing, with sudden bursts of movement. Vary toys and games to keep it interesting. Toss in occasional treats.

  • Scratching Posts: Praise all appropriate scratching to discourage scratching in unwanted places like your furniture. Provide a variety of posts and locations.

  • Climbing Areas: Cats like to be up high surveying the world. You can keep cat hair off the back of your couch by providing a floor to ceiling post with resting areas.

  • Cat beds: Cats like to curl up in soft cat beds. Make sure you can keep them clean with regular washing and fur removal.

  • Kennel Training: Provide a comfy kennel in a closet or somewhere that gives you cat a hiding place. Cats like privacy at times. Hide food and treats in the kennel. Kennel training makes easier, more comfortable travel and veterinary visits.

  • Provide Training Sessions: Teach your cat a few basics. Start with coming and sitting for a treat on cue. Be consistent with your words, tone, and hands.

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