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Getting Started - Kitten Proofing

Curiosity can kill the cat if you haven't kitten proofed your home. Follow these steps to be on the safe side, and avoid costly veterinary surgeries and other life-saving treatments.

ü       Keep windows and doors closed and screens secured. Kittens love to dash out open doors. Window screens may fall out with a rambunctious kitten bouncing off
them in wild play.

ü       Put away yarn or string after playtime to be sure your kitten doesn't eat it.  Keep sharp objects such as sewing needles and pins off the floor.

ü       Keep household cleaners and antifreeze out of reach.  Remove houseplants as many are poisonous. Besides that, potting soil may be more attractive than the litter box.

ü       Keep dryer door and toilet seats closed. Curious kittens can bake in dryers and drown in  toilets.  Watch out for a hidden kitten under the rocking chair or recliner.

Kitten Development

Early Socialization 3 to 8 weeks old
  • Object play begins and increases

Late Socialization: 9 to 16 weeks old [1]

  • Vigorous exploration of the environment and climbing.

[1] AAFP. (2004). Feline Behavior Guidelines. Pg. 10

Unwanted pet behavior is a leading cause of pet neglect, abuse, abandonment to back yard jails, surrender to shelters, and euthanasia 

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