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American Animal Hospital Association - AAHA

What is it?


AAHA is an acronym for the American Animal Hospital Association which is an internationally renowned accreditation opportunity for veterinary practices. 


A pet-centered practice focuses on how your pet perceives the veterinary visit.  New AAHA standards require offering and using sedation to prevent a painful or fear-producing visit.


When veterinary practices strive to achieve AAHA accreditations, they strive to practice the highest standards of excellence in all aspects of veterinary medicine.  Learn more...

How does a practice become accredited?

First, the practice completes a detailed evaluation of their medical procedures, facility, services and equipment.

Afterwards, the practice undertakes an on-site evaluation. Every one or more years, to maintain the accreditation, the practice must reapply and repeat the on-site evaluation by an AAHA team of veterinarians.

A veterinary hospital meets many of the new AAHA Behavior Standards simply by providing clients pet behavior education and counseling resources.

Areas that AAHA Evaluates:
emergency services
surgery and anesthesia
radiology services
pathology services
nursing care
examination facilities
pet medical records
medical library
housekeeping and maintenance


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