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Error Free Kitten Raising Tips
by Rolan Tripp, DVM and Susan Tripp, MS

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Getting Started - Pet Selection

Many behavior and health problems in pets could have been avoided by seeking guidance before bringing home a new pet.

Before you select a pet, learn about different breeds, influences of early socialization and how to select a good companion pet personality.

Learn about the pet's background and meet the pet before deciding this is the right pet for you. A kitten that is pushy, needy, bites your fingers, shows hyperactivity or excessive vocalization may seem cute at first, but think long term.

After carefully selecting the best pet to add to your family, prepare in advance for the new arrival.

ü Try to buy the same food the kitten has been eating.

ü   Get a litterbox with low sides - easy for your kitten to get in and out of.

ü Plan to keep your kitten in a bathroom with a comfy bed, food and water on one side, litterbox on the other.

ü Ideally, a cat climbing post is placed in the middle for mental and physical exercise.

Error-Free Kitten Raising Tips™ and Positive Cat Parenting™ for your kitten.

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