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The Well-Equipped Puppy Checklist

Nylon adjustable neck collar
Nylon 6 foot, 1/2 inch lead
ID tag for collar
ID chip implanted when altered
Head collar e.g. "Gentle Leader"
Grooming tools - brushes & combs
Conditioning shampoo
Nail file
Kennel at home
Nail trimmer
"Quick-Stop" powder
Treats and ziplock baggies
Chew toys
Food puzzles
Chain short tethers
Odor neutralizer
Taste deterrent
Premium diet fed at home

1.   Bathe puppies with a Hypoallergenic Conditioning Shampoo.

Behavior Training Tip Start bathing in baby steps. Be less concerned about getting the puppy clean and more concerned about offering praise, treats and getting the puppy comfortable in baby steps that result in the puppy ENJOYING baths for life. 

2.   Feed breakfast in a food puzzle and provide safe chew toys to help occupy the "home alone" puppy with desirable activities.

3.   Feed meals after quick daily reminders of vocabulary training using kibbles to lure and reward the behaviors and words you are teaching. See suggested vocabulary.

4.   Use a chain leash for "close tether training" if your puppy chews nylon leashes when teaching indoor "contented confinement."

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