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Avoid panic situations and desensitize slowly to things that make the pets anxious. 

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Doggie Daycare Checklist

Following is a list of goals for puppies staying at daycare.
All items will likely not be achieved with every pet, unless additional time is invested.

Dog's Name: ________________ Owner: ________________________

__ Elevation and/or Gentling Exercises
__ Approached by multiple people without fear -  "Say Hi"
__ Approaches multiple people without fear - "Say Hi"
__ Approaches obviously friendly dogs without fear - "Say Hi"
__ Allows restraint for at least 30 seconds - "Settle"
__ Walks easily on a leash without pulling or dragging - "Easy"
__ Accepts close tethering - "Settle"
__ Comfortable "Settle" and "Quiet" in a run or kennel alone
__ Comfortable being passed between people - "Say Hi"
__ Holds still for health check - "Hold Still"
__ Received basic ear clean then a cookie - "Hold Still", "Good"
__ Been on every exam, X-ray and grooming table in the hospital, with treats
__ "Sit" for food treat with Instruction and hand signal
__ Use "Get Busy" Instruction multiple times before elimination
__ Not afraid of clippers - sound or contact
__ Nails trimmed ("Hold Still"), then given treats ("Good").
__ Accepts routine brushing of coat
__ Accepts brushing of teeth
__ No fearful cowering or behaviors noted

Special Comments: ___________________________________________________

Initialed by: ___________________________ Date: _________________________

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